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A medic should have been able to deal with it, or block it out, or... well, anything really. First Aid was more then a little annoyed with himself, sitting with Perceptor hugging him close. Their first time together, and he'd done something he couldn't bare to even consider!

He cried.

It had hurt, and he hadn't told Perceptor that he still had seals, and... frag. He was the grand killer of mood and libidos, wasn't he?

"That was horrible." The mech muttered, glaring between his legs at his valve, still stinging with pain. At least he wasn't crying anymore... But that didn't help his embarrassment as it was. Crying wasn't seen as weak just by Decepticons, after all.

"It wasn't that bad, Aid. You aren't the first to freak out like that, and I rushed it way too much for your first time." Perceptor kissed him, casting the annoyance that he felt towards his own chassis away, at least for a little bit.

"But..." First Aid moaned, into the kiss, optics closing. Even with a little pain he would be willing to try again. Nothing had ripped, and other then his pride, a lot of his fragging pride, he was fine.

"Really, Aid. Besides, I thought it was cute. Your reactions to my being upset were worse then any pain you felt. It was an interesting psychological chain reaction that I've only really seen a few times before like that... I should look into more about it. But first..."

Being kissed again, the mech had to wonder exactly how he could even feel insulted for being thought of like a science experiment. He was a well cared for experiment, but still... Then again, it was just Perceptor being Perceptor.

"You shouldn't worry about crying, you know." The scientist purred into his audio, a finger sliding through the mess between his legs. He'd been decently wet before they stopped, and it hadn't magically dried up just because they'd stopped doing things.

Actually, it seemed like there was more wetness then before. Slaggit.

"I bet I can make you do it again. In pleasure this time..."

"Crying... in pleasure?" First Aid squirmed, welcoming the feeling of heat again.

"Mhmmm... And this time I know it's your first time, which means we're going to take our time, First Aid. You should have told me, you know that. Studies have shown that a mechs first time is always the one that needs the most, and are indicators of later pleasures."

The medic mewled as the fingers found his valve, touching and rubbing lightly. His embarrassment was gone in favor of want and need, and oh, the mood he'd destroyed was back again, twice as good as before. His hips moved on their own, spike extending as Perceptor took over the situation and nuzzled into his neck, moaning at him.

If crying meant that his lover was going to make him feel like a puddle of melted circuits, he didn't quite mind it anymore.  
Title: Cry
Normal or Sexual: Sexual. ...Kinda.
Rating: T/M
Warning: Slash, Yaoi, Gay fucking robot sex mentions.
Fandom: Transformers
Pairing: Perceptor/First Aid
Notes: While this may be one of the most stupid things I have ever written... At least it can be read as I found from idea notes in my notebook...

I think my handwriting gets a little worse every year.

Disclaimer: I Don't own.
sanaXkurata Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
i i i like it, but i i i don't UNDERSTAND it.
DinobotLoki Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011
XD :hug: I'm sorry! You be needing to watch Transformers G1... >>
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