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Detention could come in many forms at Hogwarts. There were the individual detentions with the different teachers, which where usually just boring as sin. There was detention with Filtch and Miss Norus, which... was both interesting and horrible, depending on the man's mood, and the inclusion of that blasted cat.

More then a few students wished that that stupid animal would just disappear, or worse, and if at all possible with Filtch to go with her. Flint was one of those students, and more then once had put out bewitched tuna in attempts to get rid of her. The tuna was always gone.

Detention with Hagrid was another one, though, for most, that was the best and easiest of detentions to go through. It was also the most dangerous in more then one way. It was the detention that a great many of the teachers loved to assign the most. It was also the one that Flint and Wood had been assigned.

Their punishment was to walk the forest trails and search for the man-eating tree seedlings that had escaped from the care of Professor Sprout due to them. Flint was sure that the fight had been worth it, if not more than worth it. He was just bored as hell as they searched, wands out and at the ready for anything. It was well known that Hagrid let random creatures and monsters loose into the forest as they were given to him. There was no way either wizard could not be wary.

But he, as he knew Wood had to be, was bored as hell. There was no sign of the seedlings, and he was so close to the Gryffindor that it was starting to grate on his nerves. Flint wanted to kiss Wood and bash him alternatively, or at the same time. It was the other's fault that he was so attractive, strong, safe, GRYFFINDOR.

So maybe he was a little jealous as well, but that was nothing! He still wanted to sample Wood, yank him down from that pristine, idealistic nature that was his fellow Captain's perch. He wanted to drag Wood to his level, into the darkness, like the darkness that surrounded them in the Forbidden Forest.

"Why do you hate me?" The question caught Flint off guard, and he raised an eyebrow at Wood, frowning. He waited patiently for the Gryffindor to elaborate, stopping completely in the middle of the path. If it was a waste of their one allowed break, then so be it, he wanted answers, more information.

"You pick fights with me, why? I know I'm Gryffindor, and you're Slytherin, but, why?"

"I don't hate you," was the automatic response, hands clenching into fists, "I don't hate you at all, the opposite of that, really!" Did Wood not get their game? Did he not realize...?

"Oh." Wood walked around him, refusing to meet his eyes, and ignored Flint completely when he had to jog to catch up, still stunned that the game might have been all for naught. Fighting got them close, it gained him touch, smell, and just enough of Wood to keep him from going insane. He'd always thought that maybe the Gryffindor knew that, and that was why Wood did things to aggravate him on purpose, was just as obsessed with Quidditch...

Flint followed along, the both of them silent until they came to a small clearing, in it's middle a Unicorn-salt tree. Pure and untainted, it was the perfect place to take their break, and was decided on still silently. The Slytherin was annoyed by the sudden question and silence, but said nothing, not until Wood went even further into being an annoying prat- even if he was a lovably annoying prat.

"I'm bored." It only took a few minutes before Wood was groaning and grumbling, voicing everything the Flint wanted to say. The Slytherin snorted, picking up a salt-rock, and then tossing it across the field.

"I thought you where just going to pout the rest of the time," he muttered, not expecting Wood to snap right back.

"Yeah well, I'm not a troll like you. I don't get off on fighting."

Flint's eyes narrowed and he felt anger and heat rise between them, anger that just kept rising until it was the Gryffindor that snapped. He found himself face up with Wood on top of him, punching and kicking him until Flint rolled them and fought back. It in itself wasn't even a long fist fight, as the boredom ceased, and the Slytherin was ecstatic to find that the game he thought lost was back with vengeance.

The other Captain, while 'pouting' had figured it out. There was a spark to Wood's eyes that Flint never saw in any place other than on the field, while the crowds screamed and they were whipping through the sky. It just went without saying. His little crush was found out, and he found it slightly hilarious, so much so that even while being punched in the face he started laughing.

Flint's laughter was infectious, at least to Wood, who followed suit, and their fighting turned much more playful. It sure as hell got rid of each of their boredom, along with opening up the games for more... interesting ideas.

"What are yer' two doin', scrapping like young pups?" The booming voice of the Magical Creatures teacher had both students jumping, cheeks still red from laughter. Wood stuttered an excuse, only to be shushed by Hagrid, who held up a bag, and shrugged a bit. The bag squirmed, shrieking and squealing horrible sounds.

"Don't yer' worry. I heard yer' laughin' and it'll be our secret." He winked and waited for them to follow him, both highly embarrassed and horrified. Flint's like of the teacher grew a hundred fold instantly as he ducked a little bit and avoided one of the cloth covered but still flailing arms of the man-eating seedling.

"Next time yer' bored, yer' two should just play on yer' brooms." Wood elbowed the Slytherin the moment he opened his mouth to retort, and instead he glared half-heartedly. It gave him way, way too many ideas to pass up. Wood probably knew it, too. He met Flint's glare with one of his own, brown eyes practically glowing in the fading light of the forest.

He turned his head quickly, scowling to hide his grin, and then slapping a hand over his face when Hagrid looked back at them, and chuckled. What was being laughed about he didn't know, until the professor spoke up.

"Also, yer' might wanna wash up before headin' to yer' beds. Yer' covered in unicorn-salt."
Title: What to Do When In Detention and Bored with Crush
Chapter:1 /1
Word Count: 1113
Rating: PG?
Warning: Mentions of slash/pre-slash, some cursing.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Flint/Wood
Summary: The title! Lol.
Notes: Made for the Flint-x-Wood contest, I kind of rushed because I wanted to get it done. I honestly might go through and make a set of ficlets from all of the different 'prompts' for the contest later. What can I say? This was fun!
Disclaimer: Don't own.
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XXShiro-KunXX Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
Unicorn salt? Well all the innocent people may think that but everyone with the slightest dirty mind woulda probably followed the same thought track as I did
Excellent job :D
DinobotLoki Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
;) And that was the point, lol. XD Thank you very much!
WhatAmItoYou Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Student Writer
LMAO!!! That was NOT unicorn salt right? :XD:
DinobotLoki Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
Well... I suppose it could be whatever you want it to be. Which means... yeah, it was unicorn salt. XD
WhatAmItoYou Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Student Writer
You did an amazing job XP
DinobotLoki Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
Thanks! ^^;
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